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Hotel Carlit Barcelona

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How to get the Hotel Carlit

If you come from any of the highways or national roads, always follow the signs to the city center of Barcelona by Ronda Litoral (which then binds to the Gran Via de les Corts Catalans) or Avenida Diagonal.
Continue until you see signs for the Plaça Tetuan.
Looking north after reaching the square, the hotel is located on the first street after the Gran Via de les Corts Catalans.

Take line 5 towards Horta
Down at the station and passes Sagrada Familia line 2.
Down at the station Tetuan.
The hotel is just a five minute walk from here.

From El Prat Airport you can catch a train or a bus.
By train (Renfe): Take the train R2 at Terminal 2 to the city center (there is only one platform) and get off at Passeig de Gracia (25 min). From Passeig de Gracia you can continue in metro L2 to Tetuan (only one station). The hotel is just 5 minutes walking distance from here.

By bus (Aerobus): Take the aerobus outside the terminal and get off at Pl. Universitat (35 min). From here you can either continue in metro L2 to Tetuan (2 stations) or in bus line 56 to Gran Via-Napols.

From Girona Airport you can catch the Barcelona Bus (stops right outside the airport) which takes you in 75min to Barcelona´s main bus terminal (Estacio d’ Autobusos Barcelona Nord). Take the exit called: Sortida Napols and you just have to walk 10min on Napols street (5 blocks) until you reach Diputacio street, where you turn left and see the hotel.

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Hotel Carlit, C/ Diputación, 383 - Barcelona

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